Sex and The City… what would it look like if filmed over a decade later?

It seems like only yesterday we were tuning in to watch the first episode of Sex and The City featuring the four ladies that would forever change a generation. However, upon revisiting episode one I think you’ll find that in reality it does seem a lifetime ago. The fashion, the phrases and even the technology are so dated. Mr. Big carries a cell phone bigger than our head for heaven’s sake. So it begs the question, how would things be different if the series were to start from today rather than in 1998? It’s been fourteen years since the first episode debuted and times have definitely changed. One person over at Glamour decided to give us some insight into how exactly the show would look if it did in fact start from this moment in time.

Some of our favourite “changes” include:

2. Samantha would run a social media marketing company.

8. [Carrie] would write for instead of Vogue.

9. And she’d have at least 60,000 followers on Twitter.

24. Smith Jared would be the Old Spice guy. 

25. Samantha would read 50 Shades of Grey and decide it’s hardly raunchy or scandalous at all.

And our personal favourite… drum roll, please….

28. Instead of writing a weekly column for the New York Star, Carrie would be a blogger.

Head on over to Glamour to read the complete list! It’s absolutely brilliant!


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