New Discovery for preppy bargains: C. Wonder ( @CWonderStore )

So there’s a story behind my discovery of the super preppy wonder that is appropriately named “C.Wonder” and here’s how it goes…

Best friend Arn-dog calls and says, “Emily, I’m shopping in NYC this weekend. What are your top tips for where I should go for some great steals and deals?” My response, “Check out Joe Fresh ,they’re getting a lot of press these days for good bargains. Hit up Uniqlo for some good basics and some funky collaborations. Make sure you pop into J. Crew for the preppy fill and…” and on an on I went. So a few days go by and then I get an email back. “Have you ever been in C.Wonder?! You must go in September for fashion week….and they’re online too.” So immediately I jump onto the computer, type in and my eyes light up. Preppy paradise opens up before me and I can order it all without having to wait until my September visit to NYC.

And the story continues as I’m pretty sure I have heard C.Wonder mentioned before. So I check back in my email and notice that back in February I was invited to an event in store in NYC hosted by the Creative Director of O Magazine! At this point I’m feeling pretty braindead and totally out of it. Why did I not check this place out then and there?! Kicking myself and hard.

Now interestingly enough, I start to dig around to see what I can found out about this newbie in town (or not so new as it’s approaching it’s one year anniversary in October). The first article I trip upon is from the New York Times and they reveal an interesting fact that explains a lot about the look and feel of C. Wonder. It’s founded by J. Christopher Burch, Tory Burch’s ex-husband who still sits on the board of Tory Burch. NYT mentions the idea that this store could either be “an amicable homage or a hostile takeover” when it comes to talking Tory Burch. We’ll stay out of that as in the end it doesn’t really matter as we now love both brands…even if one is much more moderately priced than the other. What we do believe is that C. Wonder offers the look and feel of Tory Burch at a price that more Americans can access. That is fact, not fiction.

So C. Wonder.. I’ll C you in September!

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