Muhammad Ali stars in new Louis Vuitton print ads

Muhammad Ali is the latest legend to star in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign. Ali joins a list of impressive icons that have previously posed for LV campaigns, shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz, including Angelina Jolie, Francis Ford Coppola, Keith Richards and Sean Connery.  

The 70-year-old boxing legend is pictured in his Phoenix home with his grandson by his side. What makes this ad particularly special is the fact that it actually looks as if Ali is looking back at himself as a youth. The likeness is uncanny. And I don’t suppose we have to go into detail about how magical the image itself is. Annie Leibovitz is an actual genius when it comes to her camera work. Just breathtaking!

It’s truly a beautiful photograph and one hell of a gorgeous bag on display! {Louis Vuitton}


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