Michelle Obama reacts to being called a “Fashion Icon” 24 hours before dinner with Anna Wintour

Tomorrow evening Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker are co-hosting a dinner in honour of President Barack Obama. Bottom line, it’s a dinner to raise cash…as much cash as possible for the big election that looms in November. Now the big question on our minds is not “what will be said,” it’s “what will be worn”. What will Anna wear? What will SJP wear? And most importantly what’s Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, wearing to dinner? For those who paid $40,000 for their ticket to the “show”, we’re sure they’re hoping to see some supreme fashion action. If we’re being honest, they didn’t buy a ticket to get an update on the state of the world personally delivered by Obama during dessert.

Michelle Obama appeared on CBS’ The Insider this evening to talk about the forthcoming event and jokingly commented she would wear “jeans and some flats.” Hmmm… perhaps she is not familiar with Nuclear Wintour. Of course the reality of the situation is that Michelle’s outfit has probably been planned for sometime and one can only imagine that Ms. Wintour herself may have been involved in the selection for such a fashion icon. And how does Michelle Obama feel about being a fashion icon? She told The Insider’s Kevin Frazer, “ “They might be sort of looking
at me first to see what shoes I have on, but eventually, if I’m
standing in front of something really good and interesting, like our
military families or the issue of childhood obesity, I always say I have
this big bright light shining on me and that’s okay. 
As long as it shines on the things that are standing with me, I sort of
welcome that attention, as long as we eventually get back to the issues
at hand…if my shoes help deliver that message, then I’m okay with

{Photo: The Insider}


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