Kim Kardashian the proud new owner of a YVES SAINT LAURENT 380 Handgun?

Kim Kardashian moments ago took to her blog to share an image that will no doubt leave some people scratching their heads this morning. She’s shared an image of a 380 Handgun. However, this is no regular gun. No folks, this is a Yves Saint Laurent special. Or is it? After a little investigative research it seems Kardashian is just sharing a picture from famed artist Justin Melnick and his digital photography exhibition on Luxury Brand Firearms called Arm-Me. In the Melnick Collection we also see firearms decorated with logos from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Missoni and more. Interesting stuff, eh? No the question is… will this be hanging on a Kardashian wall or is Kim just having a bit of fun teasing her readers? Her title “Bang, Bang” doesn’t give much away… {Celebuzz Kim Kardashian}


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