Jean Queen Donna Ida is launching her own denim line!

Huge news this morning! Donna Ida Thornton, owner of the UK’s most cherished denim emporium Donna Ida, is launching her own denim label. The collection will be released for Spring 2013 and we have no doubt in its capability to change our whole attitude towards denim. Why do we have such faith in this new line? Well, if you’ve ever met Donna you’ll completely understand. She is the the jean-whisperer. No matter your shape or size (and trust me when I say I’ve gone in each time wearing a different size), she will find a pair of jeans that will suit you perfectly and make you feel like an absolute goddess.

Called IDA by Donna Ida, the denim line will be “dedicated to celebrating the iconic woman silhouette
with a collection of true-waisted and tailored jeans with classic tees to
complement them.” The collection is described as being contemporary but with attitude. There are twenty pieces in totally that will suit every woman from the lady who lunches to the young hip rock chic! However, it seems the jeans will all have one thing in common and it’s a step forward that will change the way many look at designer denim…

Ida Thornton said ” IDA by Donna Ida is a high waisted denim collection.
We stock so many amazing denim brands and have no need to compete with them,
but our customers just can’t seem to get enough high-waisted styles. Often we
can offer a basic high-waist, but our customer is looking for a label that
specialises in a fashion forward aesthetic. High waisted no longer has the
mumsy reputation, but a stylish customer tends to want to look sophisticated
and cool, while having all the benefits of a higher waist – they are
comfortable; they give you a really nice line; make you look taller; and you
don’t have to worry about your stomach appearing over the top; and they look
even better now that denim fabrics have developed to offer such great choice.
It’s win win.”

We couldn’t agree, more Donna… now hurry up and release IDA! We want first dibs…

by Donna Ida will launch to the wholesale market from August 2012. IDA by Donna
Ida will also be stocked in Donna Ida boutiques from Spring 2013. Retail prices
for jeans will range from £140 – £170. 


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