Is Matthew Williamson the newest Banksy… hello, street art!

Matthew Williamson is known for being one of the UK’s most treasured fashion designers. His dresses have been worn by some of the biggest names in film and fashion and his brand continues to draw attention each season as a must watch during London Fashion Week. However, it would appear that Matthew Williamson not only decorates Hollywood A-listers, but also blank brick walls in London. His latest project involves the side of a building at the Ravensbourne Community Centre in South East London, giant paintbrushes and a pattern from his 2005 Summer Collection.Yes, Matthew Williamson has turned from fashion designer to street artist…well, sort of. 

Williamson has actually teamed up with Dulux to help launch a UK-wide community regeneration project, Let’s Colour. This is the first of over 200 projects set to take place in the UK, “inspiring people to reclaim their surroundings and regenerate them with a splash of colour.” While Williamson’s moment in the street art spotlight, for now,  may start and finish at Ravensbourne Community Centre, the chance to decorate other spaces in London with Dulux and Let’s Colour is wide open. For more information on brightening up a dull space in your neighbourhood, visit Let’s Colour.


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