Introducing Lewis Henry Nicholas… and finally some Jubilee pieces worth collecting!

God only knows how many Jubilee releases we’ve read in the past month. Every single person who can think of something that will make them money off the celebrations has been sending us info and flooding our mailboxes with mostly tat, if we are being honest. However, there is one individual who we discovered that felt perfect for sharing as I personally have never seen anything like this. Lewis Henry Nicholas is a jeweler from London who studied at the famed Central Saint Martins and London Guidhall before upping sticks and moving to the Big Apple in 2006. This year, Lewis made the jump from working for another brand to setting up something on his own! Big leap, but we’re predicting huge rewards. His latest collection, titled “Monarch“, is inspired by the Queen’s diamond Jubilee…hence today’s introduction. These pieces are created using traditional jewelry techniques but have been cast from old coins. Beyond cool, no? After seeing images I thought I’d be forking over a fist full of cash to secure one of these pieces but was pleasantly surprised to find that a necklace costs a reasonable $90 and all other items aren’t too far off this mark. Whether you are buying from this collection or not, keep an eye out for  Lewis Henry Nicholas as this name is going to start appearing here, there and everywhere in only a matter of time! {Lewis Henry Nicholas}


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