If you are looking for a new mobile phone, this one gets the FFG seal of approval and beyond!

For the past four weeks I have had the great pleasure in experimenting with every feature on the HTC One X mobile phone. Now I have to tell you that I was a different brand of mobile phone girl. My last phone changed my life and truly I didn’t believe anything would ever take its place in the grand scheme of things. The main reason, however, that I was addicted to my last phone was because of the photography. So when I was approached by HTC and asked to test drive their latest mobile phone model, the HTC One X, I was skeptical. I’m always up for trying new things but when I was told their camera phone was one of the best on the market I was in immediately for a test run. 

As bloggers, our whole business is about catching images and we need to have the best tools available to us as the world changes and news becomes a second to second game…and to think it was only last year we were saying minute to minute. Now the game’s changed in that we aren’t just looking to get breaking news and images, we need to get the best image for that breaking news. An example: The person that tweets a less than stellar picture of a runway won’t very well get a retweet. But a person that takes an excellent shot of a detail of a garment hitting the runway for the world to see for the first time could have that photo seen by ten million people in one hour or less. So you see my point in making sure you have the best technology can offer? After spending a month with the HTC One X I am happy to report that this is in fact one of the best on the shelves.

The camera itself is top notch. It’s an 8MB camera  for starters. But the quality of the picture is only the beginning with this bad boy. Once you have the camera up and running, the features that are at your fingertips are quite honestly outstanding. From slow motion video to face and smile recognition photography, my first week at using the HTC One X was really only just scratching the surface with what I could do. It wasn’t until week two that I really started diving in and trying out all of the different filters you could use in taking your pictures. I was instantly using features that establish depth of field, allow for a vintage feel (both cool and warm) on your photos, or completely distort your viewpoint all together. I was also able to take video in HD and not have to worry about choosing between video or still images as I could do both at once. I have NEVER seen this before in a camera phone and it is truly sensational. I also never had to wait for an image to load to take another one. It was all continuous and the camera didn’t stop until I told it to (and trust me, I tried it out to make sure). Fashion Week will never ever be the same for me again when it comes to using mobile technology!

This is certainly not the last you’ll hear me talk about this phone (in fact, I’m headed to Disney World on Monday and so I can guarantee you’ll see all the pictures from my HTC One X next week posted right here). And truly I must say I can’t think of a phone I would recommend more to my readers. 

Here are a few pictures from my last day on the coast of South Carolina, just to show you a bit of what I did with some of the filters upon first discovering them.

Want more info on the HTC One X? Click here.


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