The Harvey Nichols’ Sale is so good this year, you will wet yourself…the girls in the ads did!

Harvey Nichols has received a lot of media attention over the past 24 hours and it hasn’t been great. Why? Well, they’re up to their old tricks with advertising and once again releasing a controversial campaign. Last time we talked Harvey Nics and advertising we were singing their praises for their brilliant Christmas push featuring The Walk of Shame. While others were criticising, we were sitting in our office chairs laughing so hard that all of our Christmas pudding calories just melted away. This time around, we’re applauding them for taking another risk in advertising their summer sale. In this campaign, Harvey Nichols are implying that we’re all going to be so excited that we will actually pee our pants. I kid you not. And you know what, folks? Their sale really is that good. So this might not be that far from the truth when you find your favourite designer denim marked down half price. Just make sure you reserve the bladder release for your own clothes and not those garments you are trying on. Perhaps they’ll have a “pee in – you purchase” plan in the works this season. All kidding aside, Harvey Nics, we love you!


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