Forget the National Galleries, here’s one exhibition you won’t want to miss and it’s all about Handbags!

Bond Street in London is hosting an absolute must see exhibit at the moment in one of my favourite stores on in the shopping district… GUCCI! The “Icons of Heritage” exhibition opened last week and is on display through today only (sorry so late in the game). So drop absolutely everything and run over to Gucci immediately. It’s a holiday so we know you have the time. 

The exhibit features star pieces from the Florentine Archive (check out our visit to the factory in Florence) and places particular emphasis on three of Gucci’s most iconic bags – Jackie, Bamboo and Stirrup. So in case you need reminding…. The Jackie is of course named after one of it’s most famous owners, Jacqueline Onassis, and has been pictured dangling from the crook in her arm in nearly every picture we can remember. The Bamboo bag is a favourite of multiple celebrities today including Florence Welch who seems to love this treasured piece above all else. Then there is the Stirrup bag, which is also a classic known for its equestrian inspiration. All scream Gucci and each and every one demands incredible respect throughout the world. Make time, visit Gucci, bring credit cards!


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