The first Paul’s Boutique Bag I’ve ever been tempted to purchase…

I’ve lived in London for nearly a decade now and I truly don’t believe a day has gone by without me seeing someone carrying a Paul’s Boutique bag. It’s just one of those things you see everywhere from the Tube to the middle of Oxford Street and you can never guess who you’ll see carrying them. I’ve been fascinated by this brand and their extreme reach but I’ve never before been so seduced by one of their bags that I would actually bring the credit card out for a purchase. The bags themselves are not wildly expensive but the designs are usually quite young and funky and not exactly “my style”, I guess you’d say. However, the latest offering has provided me with my first temptation and it’s all down to my favourite print, some subtle colours and great hardware. This is of course the Alice Bag for Paul’s Boutique which I am referring to. It’s a solid £70 and it’s coming soon to a mailbox near me. This oversized tote is going straight on the shoulder and headed out for a hard day’s work in lugging around my daily needs. However, the first thing I’m doing is removing the attached keyring fiasco. From cliche to classic in under 10 seconds! {Topshop}


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