Cotton is the fabric of Emmy Rossum’s and Camilla’s Belles lives…or so the commercial says

If you grew up in the USA, you’ll be all too familiar with the ad campaigns from Cotton. “The touch, the feel of cotton… the fabric of our lives.” Ring any bells? Well, it should. It’s certainly one of those jingles most of us can complete without even getting to the second line and, to be honest, it’s also gives me a bit of a warm feeling as the campaigns have always been about family, home and the heart of America. 

Well, Cotton has been changing things up a bit in recent years and is focusing in more on how Cotton is all around us…each and every one of us, including celebrities. Their campaigns now focus in on familiar faces on “the scene” and show off their closets and how Cotton makes up some of their favourite pieces. The latest celeb stars flaunting their cotton closets are Emmy Rossum and Camilla Belle. Cotton commercials are airing on numerous television channels so I’m sure you’ve seen these before. But did you know you can also visit the website and check out details on each and every garment, where to buy them and tips on style for the season. It’s impressive, it’s new, it’s engaging social media and it’s getting us all talking again about what exactly is required to make the clothes we love. Well worth a look. 


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