A Clutch-able clutch from Coach… and I may never let go!

So like I was saying, sometimes a clutch comes along that you just can’t live without. You pick it up and feel as if it were always meant to be there, clutched between your fingers with the leather warming under your touch. You just know. The problem with me is that I have that “just know” feeling with handbags every other minute of shopping. Clutches, however, are a different kettle of fish. 

Clutches have to be big enough to fit all the possessions necessary for any outing. They also have to be easily “clutchable.” I know this sounds ridiculous but you’d be surprised at how many clutches are anything but easy to carry. And there has to be that something special about them that creates an instant bond. 

My new bond for a clutch formed with Coach’s Madison Criss Cross Leather Zip just moments after seeing it for the first time. The beautiful braided leather marks the sweet spot of fashion happiness and the interior pockets are an organizational freaks deepest desires come to life. It’s a clutch that was made to be woman-handled and will clearly only look better the more it is used, as is the case with any great leather from Coach. Worth every penny!


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