The cast of Fifty Shades of Grey… as we see it…

Is there a woman on the planet that hasn’t succumbed to at least flipping through Fifty Shades of Grey yet? E.L. James’ trilogy will officially make the summer of 2012 the first season of erotic fiction mania (or at least the first season the world seems to be out and proud about with this new obsession). The books have already passed the 10 million sold mark and the hype is growing, fast! Who knew women the world over would be reading erotica as they travelled the tube, flew on airplanes and sat with their children on beaches? It’s the dawning of a new day. Whether or not this is a good or bad start to the future is debatable, but one thing is for certain… Fifty Shades of Grey is being made into a movie! Think Twilight meets Emmanuelle and you may have an idea of what we’re dealing with here. So while everyone is contemplating who will play Christian and Anastasia, we thought we’d give you our perfect combination for the lead roles as a whole picture. Without further ado, here’s who we see in the Fifty Shades of Grey Cast.

Christian Grey: Ryan Gosling, although not sure he’d agree to take part. Should he decline perhaps Alexander Skarsgard as the perfect lead (apparently he’s already expressed some interest in playing the lead)? He fits the bill for sincere yet tortured as proven with his role in True Blood.

Anastasia Steele: Camilla Belle. She looks (and actually nearly is) young enough to play the part. She has that innocent, somewhat clumsy and yet completely ravishing look about her. She can play the clueless young one and be transformed into an absolute goddess.

Kate Kavanagh: Blake Lively. Can’t you just see her as the perfect bubbly roommate that has had everything in life come easy to her? Perfect! No Question. 

Ethan Kavanagh: Garrett Hedlund. First of all, swoon! He’s absolutely perfect for any role that requires a gorgeous man at any time. We’ll stop there. Seen Country Strong? If not…watch!

Mia Grey: Emmy Rossum. Innocent, sweetheart and has a sort of “flighty-ness” about her. Perfect for Christian’s sister.

Elliot Grey: Tayor Kitsch. He’s not meant to look like Christian (as CG is adopted) but could easily pass for Emmy Rossum’s biological brother. He has that sort of wild yet “rich” look about him.

Jose Rodriguez: Jay Hernandez. He’s adorable, totally loveable and provides enough of a macho look for Christian to feel threatened (basically he’s Taylor’s role in Twilight).

Mrs. Robinson: Angelina Jolie. Hey, she’s the perfect man eater in real life…why not on screen too?

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