Can you spot the difference between Victoria Beckham and her mannequins?

Victoria Beckham has taken to twitter today to share pictures from her latest excursion, a trip to Vancouver. Along with pictures of her in the driver’s seat of her private plane, sitting in the plane itself, and in landing gear on the tarmac, she also tweeted a few arrival and in store pictures. One picture in particular grabbed our attention. In Posh’s arrival pic, she is seen standing amongst five mannequins dressed in her designs for this season. Now interestingly enough, is it just us or does Beckham look like she could in fact be one of the mannequins? Or do the mannequins look like they could double as Becks herself? Whichever way you want to put it, we’re wondering if Victoria Beckham’s mannequins and their poses were in fact modelled on Victoria. Sure does look like it, although there is something horribly unnatural about the mannequins with their legs spread. That is surely not a flattering red carpet stance! {Victoria Beckham Twitter}


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