Brooks Brothers outfits Gatsby for the new movie…was Ralph Lauren not available?

There’s a game I used to play with my girlfriends called “any man, any time.” Basically you had to choose one man from any time on earth, living or dead, that was your “ideal”.  As we got older, often the game changed as my girlfriends tastes altered. However, my man always stayed the same. It was Robert Redford, but not just any Redford moment. My “any man, any time” selection was always Robert Redford from the The Great Gatsby. While this was 50% because of Robert Redford being Robert Redford, the other 50% was based on his impeccable style. However, that style was of course down to one man, Mr. Ralph Lauren. Lauren was the designer behind the genius costumes in the movie and trust me when I say it made all the difference in making a good Gatsby into a magnificent Gatsby. 

Now we are faced with the dawning of a new day when it comes to The Great Gatsby for 2012. Robert Redford has been replaced by Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead and Brooks Brothers has replaced Ralph Lauren in designing the suits for the motion picture. Now my gut reaction is to shriek out and exclaim, “why oh why would you ever change designers?” Ralph Lauren made Gatsby in 1974 and surely should do so again in 2012?  After pondering this great change further I realize that Brooks Brothers is in fact the perfect partner for this film, historically speaking. 

The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s in Long Island, New York. Presumably Gatsby would have purchased his suits in New York City and it just so happens that Brooks Brothers had been around for over 100 years in Manhattan at this point. Now many will argue that Jay Gatsby would have shopped in retail shops that were a bit more sophisticated but that’s neither here nor there really at this point. Brooks Brothers definitely have the archive to work with in looking back at the styles that were used in their very own house at this time. They also have the expertise and knowledge that is second to none in America as they are the oldest clothiers for men in the country still in existence today. Now let’s just hope the actual “fit” of the suits is as perfect as the union between the studio and the clothing brand. No doubt there will also be some commercial benefit to Brooks Brothers for their involvement in the film. Advertising in store perhaps? Suits on sale that resemble those seen in the film? Only time will tell…

Note: Just to raise eyebrows in the Ralph Lauren vs. Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby debate, did you know that Ralph Lauren actually began his career as a salesman in the Brooks Brothers store in Manhattan? Interesting, right?

Another Note: Remember also that Tiffany‘s is designing all the jewellery for the film. So now we know the sparkles and the men… what brand is outfitting the women?!

{Image source: WWD / Photo By © 2011 Bazmark Film III Pty Limited/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures}


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