Beauty Competition: Win a “Simple Stay Moisturized Kit”!

know how health experts are always waxing lyrical about the importance of
drinking water to keep your body hydrated? While drinking water does help keep
your skin hydrated, it is only one step in caring for your skin. It is, after
all, your body’s biggest organ so we want to make sure you’re looking after it
the best way you can. So keep on drinking your two litres a day for overall
health but also make sure you are moisturizing regularly. 

In the morning apply
a cream that contains an SPF, to protect your skin from harmful rays during the
day. Then in the evening, with a clean face, apply a specially formulated night
cream that will help your skin recover while you sleep. Moisturizing your skin
with a healthy intake of water and beauty products for sensitive skin will keep
it looking dewy and soft. We all know there’s nothing worse than dry skin,
which is not only unsightly but can also hurt like crazy (trust me… I know
from my days of regularly applying Retin-A).

At the moment I’m swearing by Simple Skincare’s Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF
Vital Vitamin Night Cream with
Pro-Vitamin B5 to help restore, soften and smooth skin to keep my sensitive
skin in check with moisture. It’s easy on the wallet and keeps my skin from
breaking out, which is often a problem when I’m moisturizing as my skin is not
very forgiving when it comes to products.

Simple is giving FFG readers the chance to try a “Simple Stay Moisturized
Kit” for themselves! One lucky reader will be sent a complete kit including Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15, Vital Vitamin Night Cream, Hydrating Light Moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and nourished all day
long, Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove makeup (even waterproof mascara!)
and Soothing Facial Toner 
to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed. If you are located in the USA, leave
a quick note below with details on how to contact you! We’ll announce a winner

This post was
created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple®
Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.


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