You’ll never guess what famous footwear the Queen wore for her coronation in 1953!

Her Majesty the Queen is one stylish lady and can pretty much command the attention of any designer on earth when it comes to her closet. However, on the day that HM Queen Elizabeth II was to be crowned as Queen of England, she chose Roger Vivier to make sure she put her first foot forward in style! Roger Vivier have shared the sketch for the occasion in celebration of the forthcoming Jubilee and we’re pleased to share it with you here. 

The coronation sandal was made of gold leather and inlaid with Rubies in decoration. These stones were chosen to “symbolize the union between the Queen and her subjects.” The decorative motif was “inspired by the Fleur-de-lys that adorns the St. Edward Crown and Imperial State Crown worn by Her Majesty on this occasion.” And of course the Queen had a bit of a lift with an elevated heel and a hidden platform within to reduce the instep. Vivier had to make sure the Queen was well equipped to handle the big day and comfortable yet beautiful footwear was the name of the game… and he played it oh so well!

Today, you will see new contemporary styles created to honour the original design work of Roger Vivier. The creative director at Roger Vivier, Bruno Frisoni has created a capsule collection with a fitting name – “Princess to be a Queen”. “For Roger Vivier, Participation in this event was a maestro’s stroke. Tied into this extraordinary event came a revolutionary creation, launched by the platform slipped inside this shoe. The dream of the idea of a Princess becoming Queen is pure magic,” said Bruno Frisoni.

Now the question on everyone’s mind… will Her Majesty the Queen be wearing Roger Vivier once again on the big day next week?


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