We’ve found the perfect beach bag…doubles perfectly as a city tote as well!

It’s nearly beach time, people! Mid-May is usually the time when stores start to fill their windows with bathing suits, beach towels and memories of summers in the sun. It’s also dreaded bikini season…a time when studies show women are at their most moody when it comes to shopping. Can you blame us? Having been layered up to the hilt for the past nine months, seeing yourself in a bikini in harsh dressing rooms lights can be a tough reality call. So let’s avoid bikini shopping for now and jump straight into accessorizing for our summer. This is where this little beauty comes in … the perfect tote for summer whether you’re in the sun or the city. It’s from Topshop and it’s only £25. I tried one out in store this weekend and instantly fell in love. It’s big enough to hold nearly everything you’d ever want to carry, it’s a chic print and it’s VERY durable! I was truly shocked at the low price point…so of course I bought one in each colour! {Topshop}


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