Welcome London boutiques to the online shopping fold!

London is well and truly the fashion capitol of the world these days.
Anyone living, studying or passing through as a tourist in London will
tell you that the fashion here is second to none. It’s an amazing
smorgasbord of style and no two people ever look the same. Now of course
to have such amazing style we have to have the shops behind us to help
create this look. From east to west and north to south, there are more
places to shop than one can ever wrap their head or credit card around.
I’ve lived in London for over a decade and I still have stores left to
visit and a list a mile long for my weekend shopping jaunts. This is where London
Boutiques comes in. London Boutiques is a new website that is looking
to bring all the great independent shops of London together in one place
where we can easily shop trends that exist in all corners of London
without the intense travel involved in reaching them all in one day. From Acne to Zoe’s Tees, the shops featured on this site showcase some of the finest designer pieces available on London streets. 

For the launch of their website, London Boutiques asked me to share what London means to me. London has changed my life not only with my style but also in the way I look at the world every single day. Have a read of the piece now and be sure to check out all the fantastic goodies available to buy online!

{London Boutiques}


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