A ten year flashback captured using my new mobile addiction #myHTCurbanadventure

As most of you already know, I’m currently travelling around the
USA. I kicked off my six week visit with a very special first weekend in
Sweet Briar, Virginia. I’m showing my age here as I admit that I was
back in town for my ten year college reunion. If you are a woman over
the age of 22 who has attended a university, you will know that the
girlfriends you meet during these years will undoubtedly be some of the
best you have in your lifetime. You will make memories that will stay
with you forever and ridiculously small things will trigger flashbacks
that produce instant smiles. From the moment I arrived on campus, my
cheeks hurt from the constant laughter and massive grinning. My years
spent with these women are some of the best of my life and I am so
grateful for every single moment I had with them and am even more
grateful that we are all alive, healthy and able to enjoy each other’s
company year after year as we meet to celebrate our Alma Mater. I’ll be writing a piece for the Huffington Post on the topic of Women’s Colleges so keep an eye out…

I also have to thank HTC for providing me with an HTC One X handset to capture some memorable moments. I’ll be using this gorgeous new mobile throughout my travels in the USA as part of their Urban Adventure project as I’ve been selected as an Urban Ambassador. The photos you see here were taken using the continuous burst mode on the phone. It allows you to take up to 4 shots per second and then gives you the option of having the phone choose which picture is the best. For those moments when your laughing so hard you can barely hold still, I find this is the perfect feature for capturing anything and everything.


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