So why won’t Tom Ford have plastic surgery?…

Five things we learned about Tom Ford from recent interview with Fern Mallis:

1. He works under this rule… “only hire people you want to have dinner with.” Great rule!

2. Looks like Tom won’t be ever getting a facelift as he doesn’t want his sideburn ending up in his ear… Can’t blame him for that.

3….However, Tom would in fact like to be a plastic surgeon in another life.

4. Tom considers his “art” to be “film”. He even compares himself to Alexander McQueen claiming McQueen’s fashion was his art but that’s not the case for Tom as his fashion is “commercial”. Interesting take on things. Realistic and real… and above all, honest!

5. Actually we lied… only really learned four great things in the interview…

Watch it here…


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