My Twitter interview with Chicbuzz Magazine…

Last week I took to Twitter with several top bloggers from around Europe to answer questions from ChicBuzz in honour of the launch of their brand spanking new online magazine and application. It was all live and on demand for Fashion Foie Gras and ChicBuzz followers to read. However, I do realize some of you aren’t following us on twitter…naughty, naughty… so I thought we’d share some of our answers on the day with you here, as they were such good questions. As I only had 140 characters to answer each question on twitter, I’m sure you won’t mind if I embellish things a bit more here…

Question #1

What do you think sets your city’s style apart from all the others? 

As most of you know, I’m actually a girl that has her heart sitting in two cities that are separated by a great big old ocean. But I’m assuming this question pertains to my life here in London. To be quite honest, London truly is a city that has fashion like no other. Every day I find myself style watching on tube journeys, walks between meetings or lunches on city benches. I am constantly amazed by the courageous style crusaders. This is a city that favours the outrageous and praises individualism!  

Question #2

Who are your style icons?

My mother comes first above all else. She’s the first woman who introduced me to anything and everything when it comes to style and the finer things in life. For that I am eternally grateful. Second in line for icons are the classics – Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin and more. With more modern women I truly love looks from Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively.

Question #3

How would you describe your personal style? Any signature items?

I  know there are only two words I need to answer this question… Ralph and Lauren! He’s my one and only man in fashion that I love and adore from shades to shoes. It’s not just a brand for me, it’s a religion!

Question #4 

We recently launched our Art of the Detail accessories campaign. What is your go-to accessory?

I’m a bag girl from start to finish. Nothing says fantastic like a great leather bag that’s classic but makes a statement. Give me Gucci, Hermes, Vuitton or Chanel any day of the week!

Question #5

What are your top three favourite trends for spring/summer 2012? What’s on your wishlist?

Top trends – sports luxe, white-out and the return of the Great Gatsby. On my wishlist you’ll find simple white sundresses, drop waist dresses and cute oversized parkas.

Question #6

What is your favourite fashion capital?

I have to say London, don’t I? It’s amazing. It’s definitely where my head is at the moment. However, my heart will pretty much always be in NYC with my love for American Sportswear. Such a tough question to answer for a finale…Geeze, Chicbuzz, you’re really putting me on the line here!


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