Luxury living at The Langham: Massages, Champagne, Scones and more…

Last week I reached breaking point. Getting only three hours of a sleep a night for going on three years has not been good for my mind or body. So when The Langham in London invited me to spend the afternoon in their hotel where they promised total relaxation and sugary sweets to follow, I jumped at the chance. It was either that or scheduling a nervous breakdown followed by a two week stint at my local priory. A massage and afternoon tea seemed to be the more civilized option.

I checked myself into the Chuan Spa at the Langham for 2:45 on a Monday afternoon. Upon registering at reception I was given a quick survey to take in order to help my masseuse determine what sort of massage I required. You see, I was scheduled to receive a Harmony massage, which I am told is the Spa’s most popular. This is a massage that is based on the idea that as we go through life certain elements of the body become unbalanced. Your masseuse determines what element is off and works at putting things right. While I am sure there is a much more technical way of describing what it is that they do exactly, I’ll just say that I felt like I was a kinky strand of hair that they ran a straightener over. With one go around I was right as rain and ready to tackle the world anew. The harmony massage is in fact a full body massage so each and every muscle was given attention and where kinks were found, my masseuse applied extra pressure to iron them out. 

Sadly, as I was told at the conclusion of the massage, my kinks were too much for even the toughest “straightener” and my back is going to require a great deal more attention in the future. However, I wouldn’t have known it standing up after all was said and done. The transformation was incredible. I felt as if ten tons had been lifted from my shoulders. My skin was smooth and the scent from the oils used was absolutely heavenly. Every muscle in my body wanted to cry out, “thank you”, and even my mind seemed to be functioning in a renewed state. The harmony massage certainly kicked me into a harmonious state!

From there I took my time relaxing in their meditation space and slowly made my way back down to the ladies changing room to change out of my comfortable robe and slippers and  back into my street clothes. It is a sad moment when this snap back to reality happens. However, my afternoon of luxury was only just getting started. My next event was scheduled for the tea rooms upstairs in The Langham where I would take afternoon tea with one of my dearest friends.

Afternoon Tea at the Langham began in
the most civilized manner… with champagne! Honestly, a tea isn’t a tea
even worth speaking about if it doesn’t start with a bit of bubbly to
toast the afternoon. Upon completion of our fizzy treat, our English
Breakfast Tea arrived alongside some of the most beautiful pastries and
sandwiches I have ever encountered. Oh heavens, I forgot to mention
that this was actually a tea that is in collaboration with the famous
London jewellers Asprey. That’s right… you know the one! Their classic
purple was featured throughout the presentation and done so
wonderfully I might add. Each and every bite was better than the last
and at one point I did fear I may lose the top button on my trousers. I
can’t remember the last time I ate so much. However, it would have been
terribly rude not to indulge in each and every morsel as I didn’t want
them thinking I didn’t enjoy each and every bite. Nothing could be
further from the truth. 

Have I mentioned the scones yet?
They were filled with chocolate chips! Honestly, I don’t think I have to
say much more there although could go on for paragraphs about these
fluffy delights covered in clotted cream and strawberry jam. There goes
the idea of wearing any dress without spanx this summer! 

As we were wrapping up our afternoon
to end all luxurious afternoons, a lovely gentleman dressed to the
nines began making his way around the tables of guests. This was my
first moment with the famous Champagne Charlie who apparently makes the
rounds late in the afternoon meeting and greeting. And why the nickname?
Well, Charlie comes to your table with complimentary glasses of
champagne. What’s not to love about this man?

Thank you to the Langham and the Chuan Spa for a magnificent Monday!


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