Is Ke$ha the face of America?

Well what have we here, folks? Looks like a rather patriotic cover coming from the people at V Magazine for their Summer issue titled “The Americana Issue“. Only, if we were going for real patriotism one can’t imagine why Ke$ha would be chosen as the ideal candidate to “wave the flag”, as it were. V Magazine certainly does argue otherwise stating the following:


“In this edition of V you’ll find historic fashion figures,
musical geniuses, and a fair amount of kitsch. Our cover star, the
indomitable Ke$ha (shot by Inez & Vinoodh and styled by Carlyne Cerf
de Dudzeele), ticks all three of the aforementioned boxes. Not only is
she fearless with her style, but as the self-made songstress from
Tennessee reveals to senior editor Patrik Sandberg, she is equally
passionate about her loyal fan base and her furry four-legged friends.”

Interesting… Is Ke$ha really a historic fashion figure?  She’s only 25 for heaven’s sake! And would we call her a musical genius? She’s good but really, the word genius? Led Zeppelin we would call genius. Michael Jackson we would call genius. Ke$ha, at the moment, is most well known for her stunt last week when she relieved herself in the street and took a picture of it to share on twitter. That’s who we are calling a musical genius these days and a historic fashion figure?

So of course we have to ask the question… is this the real face of what’s happening in America? Instead of getting upset about a cover should we perhaps instead be upset that this cover speaks the truth and V Magazine is indeed reporting quite accurately the face of our nation? {V Magazine}


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