Happy Mother’s Day to my style inspiration… my mother, of course!

With every interview I do these days it seems there is always one question that pops up…”who are your style inspirations?” My first answer is always my mother. She’s my best friend and the woman who is responsible not only for my shopping obsession but also my die hard love for Ralph Lauren. She’s the woman who introduced me to makeup, skincare regimes, the idea of layering and the importance of always looking your best. My mother is and always will be the most important woman in my life. So today, mom, I get a chance to say thank you, I love you and Happy Mother’s Day! And to show you how much I love you… I’m putting up a picture of you I have always loved, even though I look like a little chubster on your hip with eyes that are seemingly crossed…not my finest moment…but a wonderful moment in time. Happy Mother’s Day, all!!!!


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