Gucci awarded $4.7 million in damages from Guess

Congrats go out to Gucci today as news has broken that they have won
their court case against Guess! It was announced this evening that a
federal judge has awarded $4.7 million in damages from Guess Inc. to the
luxury label. It should be noted, however, that Gucci was asking for
over $200 million in combined damages. 

So why the bad energy between the
two “Gs”? Well, over the years you will have noticed a remarkable
similarity between Gucci and Guess accessories. In fact, with some items
it is in fact hard to differentiate between the two from afar. In this
particular instance, it was the Quartro G pattern with the green and red
stripe that finally broke the camel’s back. Gucci had had enough and
felt it was time to take action and call in the big legal guns. After
three years, the battle has finally come to an end. This is not the
first big brand trademark infringement case in fashion and it certainly
will not be the last. It’s an important step forward in fashion as new rules are laid down for those thinking they can “imitate” as they please. {WWD}


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