Forget the burning bush… how about the burning Birkin?!

This is quite possibly the worst fashion crime we’ve ever witnessed! Clint Eastwood’s daughter and her artist boyfriend Tyler Shields have completely destroyed the most coveted luxury item on earth… an Hermes Birkin bag. It’s not just any Birkin bag either. It closely resembles the Birkin that was sold at auction recently for $203,150! So why would you set a Birkin on fire and then further murder this glorious masterpiece with a chainsaw? Well apparently it’s all in the name of art and a Birkin wasn’t the only thing destroyed for this particular collection of work. Tyler Shields… if hell has a place for fashion criminals, they’ve reserved a special area just for you and Ms. Eastwood! Excuse us while we go and pay our respects at the Hermes store. We’re sure there are some pretty upset Birkins that need a little TLC in this most disturbing time. {Tyler Shields}


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