Fashion App Love: Louis Vuitton Trunks

I can remember clear as day the first time I saw a Louis Vuitton trunk.
It was in an issue of Architectural Digest that I had snuck away from
my mother’s glossy stash. There it sat, at the bottom of a celebrity’s
bed, and it stood out like a beacon of light from the eight page interiors
editorial. This was a piece that spoke to me and mostly it said… “work
hard and one day maybe I’ll sit at the bottom of your bed too.” Well,
nearly twenty years later it seems obvious that I haven’t worked hard
enough as there still is an empty spot at the base of my bed where a
monogrammed trunk belongs. However, Louis Vuitton have just released an iPad application that might just have me burning the midnight oil even more in the pursuit of material happiness. Their newest digital release is all about their trunks. In fact, it’s an adaptation of their famous book
Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks.

This is actually Louis Vuitton’s first iPad application and we say, “what a way to kick things off.”  The application, which shares the same name as the book from which it drew inspiration, shares the story of the famous LV trunks using all forms of available media from video to unpublished documents that date back over 150 years.  There are more than 1000 illustrations, 40 videos, 360-degree views of 10 very important and historic trunks and of course the ever present option to share all you’re learning with your friends of Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s a look at the app in action…


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