Designer Denim…creating Chanel with a marker and stencil…

I’ve always been a big supporter of the “fake it til you make it” philosophy in life when it comes to fashion. As a kid I customized everything I could find to make it my own or to replicate designer goods that I could only dream of one day affording. So yesterday while walking down High Street Kensington in  London I noticed a jacket that gave me an instant flashback in time. A woman was patiently waiting for the lights to change when I noticed a “Chanel” jacket like one I had never seen before. Now either I missed this piece in one of Chanel’s collections or this young lady has taken what looks to be a standard denim jacket and labeled it herself as a Chanel. First of all, bravo! That’s original, fantastic and grabbed my attention and several other shoppers out and about on the street. Secondly, well done on the graphics. If that is in fact something she has done herself, she’s done a stand up job! 

So what do you think? A possible trend in the making or totally off key?


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