De Beers’ Diamond Jubilee brilliance

We’re all focused on British pride these days as we prepare to celebrate not only the London 2012 Olympics but also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And of course, as it is the “diamond” jubilee we were all sitting back wondering when we’d get a bit of blingtastic news to report in conjunction with the big day. Of course the gold medals that will be handed out at the Olympics in a few months’ time will be fabulously shiny but it’s diamonds that are a girls best friend! So this news doesn’t get much bigger or more appropriate for the events about to unfold here in London with the Royal family. De Beers is about to unveil a crown that is made up of 974 diamonds. Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly one thousand women could wear engagement rings crafted from the diamonds used to create this crown that will go on display at Harrods from this morning. It’s a piece you won’t want to miss seeing in person. However, pack your sunglasses as this is giving off some serious sparkle!


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