Coming Home and greeted by a best friend… #myHTCurbanadventure

I haven’t seen my golden retriever now for about six months as I live in London and sadly he lives 3,000 miles away in the USA.  So every time I come home I get quite the reception from the little guy. He actually goes nuts! I’ve wanted to capture it on film forever as these reunions can get kind of out of control. As I’m testing out the HTC One X at the moment, I thought I’d give the slow motion video camera a go for such a moment. The results are pretty special for me and for my family. It’s a fantastic moment in time and I’m happy the HTC phone was up to the task of recording the whole thing… in slow mo nonetheless! And the pictures you see above come from a cool function on the phone that actually allows you to screen grab from the video itself to keep those special moments in a freeze frame forever! Fabulous and useful! Here’s a look at the video…


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