Ashton Kutcher as Karl Lagerfeld… or Darl…?

In a video that is supposedly made for Ashton Kutcher‘s Popchips, but actually has nothing to do with snacks at all, Ashton dresses up like Karl Lagerfeld. Why you ask? Well, we’re not entirely sure but it has something to do with mocking dating sites. Ashton plays a few different characters and then finally appears as himself in the end. However, there are some choice one liners in the promo that come from each, but in particular from “Darl”. That’s right… his name can’t be Karl or that would allow for all sorts of problems with copyright now wouldn’t it? We all remember the ad Chanel took out to warn us about using their name… the same is probably true for Uncle Karl. Anyway, our favourite line from Uncle Darl is…”Sorry, I was holding my breath to look skinnier.” Follow that with the fact that his dog’s name is poo-poo and you’ll see why it’s marginally hilarious in a bathroom humour sort of way. {Popchips Youtube}



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