Your favourite city’s smell in a bottle…

Well this is new and sort of strange. Ok, actually we have to take that back. When we first saw The Scent of Departure bottles we were wondering what the heck the scent for Heathrow airport would be. Last time I got out of the car at Heathrow I am pretty sure no one in their right mind would want to bottle what it was that I was smelling. However, after reading the scent notes for each “departure”  it would seem that the scents are not based on the airports themselves but rather on the key sweet smelling spots from around the city. 

For example, London, or LHR, is described as:

Take a stroll down Hyde Park, a garden created by past Kings and Queens.
An invigorating bouquet of pines and leaves wrapped in citrusy fruits
remind you of warm Earl Grey tea. An aquatic freesia accord dressed in
lotus petals dance down the Serpentine Lake as a Shakespearean jasmine
unveils a romance of mossy woods and white musk for a final wink at the
London Eye.

That sounds positively delightful!

And New York… what does that bottle smell like?..

A lovely sunny day in the Big Apple City. The air is filled with the
scents of lilac and rose from the vast and majestic Central Park. You
are walking along Times Square under the mild and fresh breeze from New
York harbour. Enjoy this modern, crisp and invigorating fragrance with
sparkling and sourish notes of apple.

Aw, yes that does capture the right and best smells of NYC.

Other cities on offer include Dubai, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Bali and more. 

{The Scent of Departure}


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