White denim with a twist…

It’s white jean season again. In all fairness, white jeans seem to be a year round event these days but are particularly fabulous when worn with the British sun shining down upon them! Here’s my problem with white jeans though… sometimes they aren’t the most flattering thing. There is something to be said for dark denim and black jeans that allow for some flaws to be buried away. White jeans, however, leave very little to the imagination and don’t always look the best on everyone. That’s where these brilliant babies come in. My-Wardrobe are stocking some gorgeous Rialto Jeans from IRO which feature a nice little distraction… a bad ass stripe down the side!  Talk about making your legs look like they go on forever! Striping isn’t just hot this season because it looks cool…it truly does give your legs some help. Oh and of course we’re loving that these jeans also have a bit of stretch. After regular eat-outs at Meat Liquor in London, we need all the help we can get!


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