Vogue Paris in English…?

On Friday, Vogue Paris pressed “send” on a tweet that had rumours flying all over the fashion floor. They announced that Vogue.fr would soon begin publishing in English. Now, let’s start with the basics. It’s a clever tweet, very tongue-in-cheek. Is this the most memorable gift  to the USA from the french since the Statue of Liberty? Well, I think Americans might argue that french fries (I jest), Breton striped tees and fabulous imports like Laduree may be up there in the charts… but, yes, it is great news to hear that yet another Vogue title will begin spreading the good word of fashion in a language that is spoken across American soil. 

Side note: Makes one wonder if Vogue Paris believes American Vogue doesn’t quite fit the bill for satisfying America’s appetite for fashion…and more importantly I wonder how Mrs. Wintour feels about all of this. 

Anywho, moving on… why do I say the tweet caused rumours to fly? Well, if you read the tweet carefully you will see that Vogue Paris are truly only saying that Vogue.fr, the website, is being brought to the world in English. Yet every report on the web that I have encountered is running with the headline that the magazine itself is being translated into English, implying there will either be a bilingual edition or two copies printed each month. My, oh my, that sounds like a lot of work. But is it true? Has some press release gone out that we’ve all missed? As great as it would be to get Vogue Paris in English every month I’m not sure that’s really what’s happening here. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more…


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