Visiting Cartier in the Wonder Room at Selfridges…

Last week I began my Easter holiday the way every holiday should begin from here to eternity… with diamonds. At 6pm I arrived at Selfridges on Oxford Street and made my way through the makeup department and into the beautiful hall that holds the world’s finest jewelry, watches and general bling for personal decoration. It took me only a moment to locate exactly what I was looking for and it was actually the heavy sighs that I heard first. These were the sounds of women in absolute heaven. Yes, Cartier’s take over of Selfridges’ Wonder Room had those within the walls of the exhibition bowled over with emotion as they took in the sights. Million pound diamond tiaras and exquisite heart shaped diamonds tend to have that effect on most people. 

It’s not everyday that you are able to see one off pieces from Cartier’s Maison in such close quarters – that might explain the beefy security guards that kept watch as I photographed my favourite pieces. I wanted to have evidence of witnessing such beauties in case they were bought on the spot this weekend and should disappear forever. “Bought”, you ask? It is the case that each and every piece on display is actually for sale. While I was eyeing up the heart shaped diamonds there was actually a cute couple in the exhibition trying on engagement rings (at this point I so subtly texted Mr. FFG and let him know that the Cartier exhibition was selling rings… should he be in the market for one anytime soon…). So whether you are looking for a necklace that costs as much as a four bedroom house in London, or a ring that will have you melting like butter, Cartier’s Wonder Room exhibition is your go-to box this week!

However, it must be mentioned that as this is an exhibition of Cartier’s history there is more on display than just diamonds. Cartier has also put together a video display that allows you to discover the magic of true love. You then move into a maze of sorts that shows you the true history of Cartier that ranges from Kate Middleton’s wedding tiara to the first royal warrants from England awarded to the brand ages ago! You can also take in images of past advertising, sketches for pieces that contain the world’s largest diamonds and some of Cartier’s most famous clients showing off their favourite pieces. It’s truly a magical space and one worthy of visiting before the doors shut forever, pieces go home to Cartier’s Maison and rings go back to the shop. 

Visiting info:

Open from April 2nd to April 29th

Selfridges Concept Store in the Wonder Room /


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