Summer leather…a guide to shopping…

I can remember days when the first summer heatwave would make its way through the country and out would come the winter storage boxes. Away I would pack the wool, the fur, the heavy cashmeres and the leather. It would be another six months before I’d see some of my favourite fabrics on the streets out and about. However, that’s all changing these days as leather makes a massive seasonal comeback! Leather vests, jackets, shorts, dresses and skirts are all hugely popular for summer 2012.  Whether a leather accent, like sleeves or piping, or a full on leather trench, people are wearing and sharing. Can you blame them? I have a firm believe that I will never meet a single soul who looks bad in leather. I’ve just flipped through Shopbop‘s latest selections and highlighted above some of my favourite leather looks for summer as a rough guide of how we’re wearing it for festivals, cocktail parties and yummy mummy school runs.

Note: I did not mention leather trousers… that is the exception and also the exception for summer. Approach leather trousers with caution. In the heat you’ll have to have someone peel them off you by the end of the day and unless you have legs like Elle Macpherson I’m a firm believer that leather leggings, trousers and anything that is classified as “tight” might not be your best friend. Remember the golden roll in fashion… Make it all about fit for YOU!


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