Summer garden parties are sorted…

I know it’s hard for us all to imagine brighter weather right now, Londoners. But take a moment and try to remember what it’s like when the sun is shining, your face has a bit of a tan and your arms are out in the open without being covered in goosebumps from the freezing air. Seems like it’s ages away, right? That hasn’t stopped the shops from filling their windows with beautiful sundresses and short shorts. So we might as well stock up and ready ourselves for when the beautiful days are upon us.  

There are talks of many summer garden parties ahead including numerous functions centred around all the sports events taking place in the UK this summer… particularly the Olympics! So if you’re looking for a winner for more formal occasions, may I recommend this beauty from Wallis? It’s a one-shoulder number that has a reasonable slit up the side and a lovely flattering cinch at the waist. It’s £60 and will see you through a number of events. Pair with flats for a more casual look or heels for a more formal occasion. Just remember this is a dress that is meant to be worn to the floor so your heel height may depend entirely on your height.


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