The skydiving fashion photo shoot… a commercial for a mobile phone

HTC have released a commercial where an amateur photographer is conducting his first photo shoot while skydiving out a plane. His challenge…to capture his model with still imagery and video and  post it all before he lands on the ground. Let’s just put this out there… this commercial is absolutely amazing. Regardless of whether or not it’s true, as one can imagine holding a mobile phone steady while falling at 126 miles per hour must be pretty tough, the concept is amazing. Now just imagine HTC sponsoring the next fashion show… can you see us all falling out of planes after supermodels and writing reviews before feet touch ground. Who knows what’s next but I’m hoping that isn’t the latest stunt! Well played, HTC, for putting together a fashion shoot with an amateur photographer and a shed load of elements that could have all gone wrong but didn’t. Amazing how that happens!


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