Roberto Cavalli launches first home collection

Moments ago, Roberto Cavalli took to his blog to introduce his new “Collection of Home Furnishings” to his followers. We have to admit that this seems long overdue. In fact, even Cavalli himself made a similar statement in announcing the line in which he says:

“The pictures of the interior of my house in Florence, the one in Panzano
in Chianti and the interior of my boat have been published in almost
all the interior design magazines. I have always received many
compliments on my style in creating unique interior designs!

I must admit, if I had not dedicated my life to fashion, my desire would have been to do architecture and interior design.”

Well, that’s sorted. Cavalli is the style guru, we’ve all been telling him that for years and now he’s going to let us all have a taste of his homemaking magic.  So what can you expect to find in the collection? Roberto Cavalli describes the collection and its origins:

“Into this new Home collection I transferred my Fashion industry…
elegance… the softness of the leather… my unique drawings… my palette of
colors. I have always believed that colors are the representation of
positive thinking. The home that welcomes us should give us the
pleasure to live and smile!”

So far Cavalli revealed, in pictures on the blog, soft mink sofas, armchairs covered in a jaguar print, animal print bed linen and fabulously ornate animal print rugs. It’s pretty much what you would expect from Cavalli, in a nutshell. 

{Robert Cavalli Blog}


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