Prada’s shoes are smoking… literally

Prada has given us shoes this season that say it all and then some. Yes, smoking is a dirty habit but when your pumps are indulging so far I see no health implications other than you receiving some incredible attention from onlookers as your feet take all the heat! If you are investing in these beauties (heels are $890 and flats are $590) make sure and shell out for a $20 pedicure as trust me when I say that you’re feet will never grab more looks. I’m pairing my heels with a simple LBD and the flats with white jeans and a white t-shirt with strong red lips of my own thanks to an Urban Decay red gloss. 

{This season Prada’s hottest heels are all available at Nordstrom(and they ship around the world), including those great flame stilettos!}


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