A look inside the fashion goose’s massive handbag…

While running around fashion weeks fashion bloggers are contributing a lot more to editorials on what we’re wearing, what we’re carrying and the must have items in our bags that keep us going. I think I was asked that last question more often than any others as everyone wanted to know what I was carrying in my massive day totes. It’s true that I come prepared for just about everything and these days I’m usually running from a train, plane or automobile so I’ve got a lot in tow.  So, I thought I’d run through my essentials that I carry with me. That way I can stop answering the questions in the middle of running to shows and instead just hand out a card telling you to visit xyz to check it out for yourself!  Here’s the official list. It’s long so bear with me here.

  • First and foremost the iPhone. I was lost but now I’m found… that’s what I always say about my new found love of Apple technology. I tweet, blog, email, jam and scream with this phone. An absolute third arm for me at the moment.
  • Laptop. Yes, I carry it everywhere with me. But it’s that cool Zenbook that weighs next to nothing so I’m totally thankful for advancements in technology when it comes to that. I never know when I’ll have ten minutes to blog so I carry this bad boy with me everywhere.
  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes . As you guys know, I love my wipes from Simple Skincare and I truly never leave home without a packet in my bag so I can clean and refresh my skin on the go. I have this bad habit of having to jet somewhere last minute and I need to know that I can “refresh” my face with a trusted product as I have super sensitive skin. So I carry these all the time and use either to freshen up during the day or wipe my face clean at the end of the night. While we’re talking about Simple I’ll also mention that I carry their Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On , which helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and wakes up tired eyes, with me nearly everywhere these days as well. I’m obsessed with my eyes at the moment as they really seem to be looking more tired. I totally blame the lack of sleep. So I’ve started using the Simple Eye products and their other sensitive skincare products in the hopes of reversing the damage I’ve already done. I’m too young for this!
  • A 2 Litre bottle of evian. Never leaves my side! I figure the faster I drink it the lighter my load will get so it’s a good incentive to stay hydrated. After all, there is absolutely nothing better for your skin than water! 
  • For makeup I actually carry surprisingly little – only a liner and a lip gloss. The trick for this is investing in really great products that you can put on the morning and will last all through the day.
  • An oversized scarf! I never ever leave home without one. This works for plane rides that are unexpectedly cold, a great layer to add a bit of zest to any outfit and an outfit emergency tool. When I say emergency I mean I’ve used it to cover up coffee spills on white shirts, splits in trousers and unforeseen sheer shirt issues! It’s an absolute blessing in disguise. 
  • Last but not least I always carry something to something to eat. Sometimes going to press days, runway shows or meetings can result in not having time to stop and eat for hours on end. So I make sure I have a snack bar or an apple or something always in my bag as back up, no matter how funny I look speed eating between calendar events!
  • Last but not least I carry a little notebook and pen with me absolutely everywhere. I know I have the laptop and the iPhone but there is something about writing ideas in a book that will never die with me. I keep them and reference them forever!

So that’s it… my handbag in a nutshell. So if you find yourself ever needing a Simple Cleansing Facial Wipe, a pen to write with or a quick swig of water… feel free to ask!

“This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.”


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