Liz Jones as Kate Middleton?! Umm…

Love it or hate it, we all seem to be addicted to the Daily Mail these days. I can’t get past 9am in the morning without consulting Femail to see what I might have missed out on in celebrity news while sleeping. It’s truly celebrity gossip crack and when it’s free there’s nothing that keeps you from indulging click after click. However, sometimes it truly is like watching a car crash. Take the recent article on the marginally good looking woman, Samantha Brick, who claimed that being pretty has actually been a burden she’s carried with her all these years that has led to men annoyingly always buying her drinks or even train tickets because of her extreme beauty. Over 5,000 comments later and you figure out the Daily Mail knew exactly what they were doing in printing such an egotistical rant. Remember… car crash mentality. You can’t turn away.

Well, this morning the Daily Mail have scheduled another live car crash and it involves Liz Jones. Kate Middleton, unfortunately, falls under the bus with this one as well. The Daily Mail’s headline reads “Help, I’m turning into Kate! Liz Jones like a clone.” Now the Daily Mail was a bit naughty here as immediately the nation’s back is up and we are thinking… she certainly is no clone! When you then open the article and read through Jones’ article you see that in fact she is not claiming to be a clone…although at times she comes very close. She actually admits she has been told that she looks like Kate but clearly states the differences between them and she is harshly realistic. The article in question is an interesting read, as are most Liz Jones pieces. But Kate Middleton she is not.  In fact, many a reader felt the need to comment as such. Here are a few of the more disturbing and/or colourful comments left on the site:

“Don’t you mean Cone, as in Traffic?”

you look like a plastic middle aged woman trying desperately to cling on
to her long forgotten youth wearing shoes that are suitable for
teenager and merely copying someone who is generally popular with the
public. Who will you be next – the Duke of Edinburgh?
(Strangely enough though, when I looked in the mirror this morning, I’d
changed from a middle-aged, overweight Mum into Angelina Jolie)”

“Slow news day?”

 Images and comments from Daily Mail


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