Lara Stone’s dog wears Mulberry

If you heard a loud “awwww” around the twitterverse last week it was most likely due to one Mrs. Lara Stone tweeting a picture of the adorable Mr Bert, her newest addition to the family. He’s just about the most adorable pup we’ve seen this season. And of course a gorgeous pup owned by one of the world’s biggest supermodels needs to have a stylish ensemble. Queue the Mulberry design team who have made sure Bert is outfitted in only the finest Britain has to offer when it comes to a dog’s wardrobe. Lara tweeted this picture of Mr. Bert wearing the Mulberry Doggy Kagool – a chic blue denim jacket currently priced at £150.  There’s no question he’s a stunner…but £150 for a dog jacket?…surely we’d all rather buy a lovely Mulberry scarf as a treat for ourselves? Ok, ok, slap me on the wrist now. A dog seems to be the constant must have accessory so of course we must all go to extremes to make sure they are kitted out appropriately. Rock on, Bert…in your denim attire!


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