Jo Malone introduces Scent Surround Diffusers

Years ago I discovered the secret to a constantly fabulous smelling room was either fresh flowers or a scent diffuser. Fresh flowers ended up being way too costly so scent diffusers won out in the end. Candles never really worked too well as I would always forget to blow them out… a rather big problem as you can imagine. However, Jo Malone was the one candle scent that I just couldn’t let escape my life… no matter the risk involved in burning my flat down to the ground. They were my special treat to myself whenever I had a little extra cash and although they lasted for hours, I still was burning through them faster than I could afford to keep re-buying. So it is with great pleasure that I announce the latest and greatest from Jo Malone…which I’ve been waiting to be able to announce forever! JM has jumped into the diffuser arena and introduced Scent Surround Diffusers. At the moment they come in three scents – Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir, and Red Roses. They cost £45 each and last forever (well, not forever forever, but you get what I mean). It will be the best investment you make in your home this Spring. Every day I get home from work and open the door to my flat and am greeted by the most lovely smell which has now become the “welcome home” smell. I love that! Thank you, Jo Malone, for bringing me heaven in a bottle.  {You can buy the diffusers online or in store now!}


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