Harper Beckham… soon to be youngest celebrity baby model?

As some of you are waking up this morning you will see tweets, headlines and Facebook posts declaring that Harper Beckham, daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, is becoming a model at the age of nine months. Don’t believe a word of it! It’s merely a great publicity stunt from a children’s clothing company who openly published a letter to David and Victoria asking for their permission for Harper to become the face of their brand. Somehow we think this one fan letter might just go unanswered. Every media outlet from her to Timbuktu has picked up the story and no doubt both Victoria and David are rolling their eyes at the whole scenario. However, that children’s brand can pat themselves on the back this morning as their little media stunt has definitely helped put their company on the map. Now that one’s done it I’m sure we can expect copycats soon enough…. {OK Magazine}


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