Get Kate Upton’s “Sex” shoes…

Over the past week the FFG inbox has been full of dozens of emails asking if we knew where you could get your hands on the “sex” heels that Kate Upton stepped out in the other night. Now I’m not one to place judgement…if you want to step out into the night with your intentions written clearly on your toes that’s your business (I have to say this as a disclaimer as I know my mother will be reading this post). However, if you can’t live without these sexy, literally, heels in your life then I’m pleased to tell you I know where you can get them… on Net-a-Porter. At the moment the Sex 120 patent-leather pumps from Christian Louboutin are selling on line for £825. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are an instant sell-out. As the saying goes…”Sex sells.”


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