Fashion photographer Terry O’Neill disses the Kates (Middleton and Moss) but loves Angelina

The Telegraph published a Q&A with Terry O’Neill yesterday that had some pretty choice quotes on display. For those of you that need reminding, O’Neill is one of the greatest photographers of our time. One of his most famous photos, when it comes to fashion and Hollywood, is the portrait taken of his former wife Faye Dunaway the morning after she won her Oscar, appropriately titled “Post-Oscar Breakfast“. In the interview O’Neill talks about being underwhelmed by today’s leading ladies. Of course he says this after claiming to have slept with most of the beautiful women in existence before this generation. The proof is in the pudding as he tells the Telegraph’s Celia Walden, ”I’ve seen, slept with and photographed more beautiful women than you’ve
had hot dinners’’
. Well, isn’t that charming. Yet, it is in face true that this Lothario has indeed seduced many and lived to tell the tale. Aw, the magic of being a brilliant photographer.

O’Neill’s criticisms begin with Kate Middleton in which he claims he has no interest. In fact he goes a step further in saying he wouldn’t photograph her because he actually doesn’t “fancy her”.  This is explained further with two rather innocent but important words… “too thin.” 

He then moves on to another Kate…this time Moss! O’Neill states, “The
supermodels were the last great girls, and Kate Moss only just scraped in
under the wire…I never
rated her – Kate only endured because she was associated with those

But does that mean O’Neill feels no love for current models or Hollywood’s leading ladies? Not at all… in fact, there is one in particular that he seems to think very highly of…Angelina Jolie!

If you have a moment today, this interview is definitely worth a read as much is revealed about how the life of a photographer has changed over the years. We’ll just leave you with one of our favourite quotes from the article…. 

“You know what always amazed
me? That none of the beautiful women I’ve photographed ever thought they
were beautiful. Ava didn’t. Marilyn didn’t. Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t. Such
a waste.”


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